Three-month countdown until the big move!

It’s only when we look back at previous photos that we realise how fast our new building is progressing. Three months ago (see our previous blog), we stood in a shell of a building looking at girders, missing walls and lines on the floor trying to imagine how each of the offices and rooms would be sized and arranged. In the short time since then, the walls are in place, as is the roof, most the windows, most of the exterior and the starts of all the internal workings. It’s all coming together after uncountable hours of planning and preparation, and there’s still lots more to do! This will be the platform from which we will achieve our goal – to be the biggest and best recruiter globally in the markets we deliver to.

If you’d like a seat in a brand new £3.5m Colchester office building, get in touch – we’re hiring trainee recruiters, experienced recruiters, team leaders and are also interested in anyone with language skills.