Charity challenge – growing £50 however you can!

We are supporters of St Helena Hospice, who do great work for patients, families and carers in Essex. Every year, businesses in the area take part in The Birkett Long £50 Challenge – a fundraising drive to take a £50 seed donation and grow that in any way possible.

We used the £50 to buy a voucher for a London day experiences website. Armed with booklets of raffle tickets, our teams went out to friends and family to raise what they could. All tickets sold, the raffle was drawn!

We followed this up by taking donations at a company night out as well as organising a cake sale, asking for donations for anyone taking a slice.

In total, we took the original £50 and turned it into an impressive £719.82… In total, The Birkett Long £50 Challenge raised an unbelievable £43,985.66!