500km bike ride from Copenhagen to Lübeck

James has returned from his 4-day, 500km, bike ride from Copenhagen, Denmark to Lübeck in Germany. 50 plus riders made the journey as part of an annual event organised by Miracle Buddy Shop – an IT consultancy based in Copenhagen.

Teams were split into groups by ability – A, B and C. Each team striving to do longer distances and cover more ground with the aim to reach 500km. James, armed with his Whitehall cycle helmet and shoes set off on the first leg of his journey alongside group C as it was his first group cycle.

After 123 km, a few punctures and multiple accidents (none too serious,) James and his group settled down for a few well-earned beers – courtesy of Miracle’s very own brewery. There’s also a nice photo of James having a little acupuncture on his stiff neck.

The B team
James joined the B team, and they were back on the road bright and early – some nursing slight hangovers. The first leg was a 40km cycle to a port in the south of Denmark where they would travel by ferry to the German coast. The afternoon saw the team set off on another 64km cycle through some amazing countryside and beautiful weather before arriving at their next hotel. The hotel was a manor house situated on a lake where James found a rowing boat – as a keen rower, he decided to take a team member out for a short joy ride.

Each evening the teams’ have a debriefing and stories are shared of the day’s events – these are all spoken in Danish. It was fortunate James had his friend Thomas to translate as he found himself the subject of a little joke – “James what happened today? Cycling on the left side towards the oncoming cars?!” All heads turn to James. “Erm yes…. I thought I was cycling at home in the UK for a moment! Oops”.

James witnessed a 64-year-old cyclist thrown off his bike, over his handlebars and into a bush. Fortunately, the man came away unscathed, permitting James to cry with laughter at the solid superman pose the guy maintained while flying through the air. By the end of the day, James and his team had racked up a total of 360km

The A team
After spending the morning with electric pad’s attached to his Achilles, James found himself in the ‘A-Team’ for the final leg of his journey. On the final push to 500km, the group decided to show ‘the British guy’ what Danish Road Cycling is all about and upped the pace. ‘They nearly killed me! They certainly pushed me to my absolute limits, but I loved it!’

James crossed the finish line at the beautiful destination of Lübeck having racked up a total of 475km cycled over the 4 days, saying ‘it was one of the best and most challenging things I have ever done but I spent my time surrounded by great people, enjoying great food and having great laughs. The scenery and weather were amazing and everyone arrived safely in one piece, minus a few cuts and bruises for some”.

Well done James!

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