Employee Spotlight – Ross Waugh

Intro to Recruitment

My brother works in hospitality recruitment so I was introduced to the industry quite early. When I applied for a job at Whitehall Resources I had also applied for another job with an Estate Agent, at the time I was unsure which one to go for – my friends and family all had different opinions. My Dad advised me to go for the estate agency job as he felt it would be less pressure than recruitment, but my interview with Jon at Whitehall had sparked interest. I liked his enthusiasm for the company and his honesty. Jon explained to me that recruitment was tough but the incentives, rewards and opportunity to develop are excellent and the company is still growing.


RossWI wasn’t sure what to expect when I started, I was very nervous about making phone calls but my confidence grew with time and practice. One of my best moments came in my sixth month at Whitehall, my first self-generated deal. I had spent a few months talking to the client and hadn’t had any luck but I was persistent and kept trying. I remember finally being able to speak to someone at the company and asking them to give me the opportunity to show them how good we are, they gave me that opportunity – we filled the role and the client was happy. The deal helped me gain confidence and gave me the motivation to keep going.Shared Experiences

Joining Whitehall at the same time as Luke was really good, it helped to have someone else sharing the same experiences while we were learning. It’s great to be able to look back and compare where we started to where we are now. I went from being nervous about the phone – to a Senior Consultant and Luke is a Team Leader.

The Challenge

The toughest time for me was about a year into working here I was working hard and genuinely doing as much as I could but I wasn’t seeing any results. I was frustrated and felt like I wasn’t getting anywhere, I was very close to looking for another job. My team and my manager explained to me that it takes time to see results, it doesn’t just happen overnight. Being able to see people progressing and knowing others had been in my position made me reconsider, it was clear that it would just take time.

I have now been at Whitehall for 2 and a half years and have been promoted to Senior Consultant (Update: promoted to Managing Consultant in 2018!). This year I have been a ‘champagne winner’ (reward for a new client) every month so far. I’ve also been able to achieve some personal goals like buying my own car, I haven’t moved out yet as I have it pretty good at home! But I’ll be ready to make the move when I want to.


I think the best thing about working at Whitehall is the people, we all get along and I have made some really good friends. Whitehall holds several events throughout the year, there are always nights out and things like lunch club that allow us to be social, it’s why we’re so close – it is like a big family. I also think the incentives are great, I like that there are individual and team rewards, lunch club, champagne winners, the villa in Portugal and the weekend breaks. It’s good that the company recognise and appreciate a great performance.

Advice to others

Don’t quit, stick with it and put the effort in. The results will show!

Interested in joining our growing team?

We are always on the lookout for new talent to join our teams. If you’re hardworking, resilient, driven and committed,  a career in recruitment could be for you. To find out more see our live vacancies page.








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