The Big Sleep Out

Two members of the team headed out to Colchester’s Castle Park to join The Big Sleep Out – a night under the stars/clouds organised by the local Rotary Club, in support of Samaritans and Beacon House, a local homeless charity.

The night began with some people setting up pop-up tents, others building shelters from cardboard, others simply putting down a mat to sleep on. Coffee and tea were provided by McDonald’s, as was breakfast and even a birthday cake. The luxuries ended there though, as temperatures began to drop. Some had a chillier night than others – most people woke just after light, looked less than rested!

In all, the night raised over £10,000 for the two charities, with a mighty £1,050 raised by Whitehall! Excellent work by our two volunteers, and many thanks to colleagues, friends, family, suppliers, candidates and clients who donated!