Employee Spotlight – Sarah Tanner

Intro to Recruitment

I used to work in London for an insurance company. I wanted a change of direction, something closer to home and a role that had more variety as I felt quite restricted in previous positions. A friend of mine had suggested recruitment and knew of Whitehall. She mentioned they had a Business Development role, this was perfect as it was an area that I had experience in.

Whitehall culture

DCESMIlXUAIi7VcI could sense the company had a good environment straight from the interview stage – the people were welcoming and the office had a buzz about it. Prior to coming to the business I didn’t realise the sizes of the organisations Whitehall worked with, people like ITV, Harrods and Jaguar. The company really impressed me so I was excited to start my new role with them.

The challenge

The first year was hard, it felt like I wasn’t getting anywhere – I was struggling to create relationships with new businesses. There were times I questioned if what I was doing was right and tried to think of alternative ways to go about it, my managers consistently told me to keep to the process and that it would eventually show results. It took me some time but now I have seen what they are teaching us works. Time and experience just makes it easier – once you are given the opportunity to deliver, you can then capitalise on that momentum and continue to grow your business.


This year has been really good for me so far – in the first quarter I have broken my own personal targets and surpassed myself during the time of the year I typically struggle in. Because of these performances I have been on our Lunch Clubs twice and was rewarded with a trip to Portugal courtesy of Whitehall!

CurrenTannerEP2tly, I am working towards developing my role further – I hope that next year I will be ready to move to the next level, the company are really supportive of personal development and progression.

I enjoy the role as I have the ability to make a change, to feel like I add value. I enjoy going out and meeting clients, seeing how I have helped their people and business is really rewarding. Since being at Whitehall I have been all over the UK, and to places like Lille, Paris and Zurich. The rewards and incentives are great, they reward you for personal achievements as well as team ones. I now make more working here in Colchester than I did working in London, and I don’t have to commute.

Advice to people in their first year

Ask questions, listen to your colleagues and your managers. You can gain from their experience.

Interested in joining our growing team?

We are always on the lookout for new talent to join our teams. If you’re hardworking, resilient, driven and committed,  a career in recruitment could be for you. To find out more see our live vacancies page.

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