Employee Spotlight – Nadia Westhorp

Life before recruitment

I spent 10 years working at RBS in Asset Finance, I had been through four redundancies and didn’t want to go through another. Recruitment was an industry I had researched – its appeal was and still is the ability to help people, finding candidates their ideal role and clients their perfect candidate. The financial rewards were also of interest.

It was hard to get into recruitment, businesses tend to look for people with experience. My first role was as a 360 consultant for a small IT recruitment agency, consisting of just four people. It was a very tough introduction to recruitment, I had no training; basically handed a phone and just had to get on with it. The first six months were very hard, I wasn’t enjoying the role or the industry. After some time my position changed from 360 recruiter to a Resourcer, a role I enjoyed far more. As I grew more confident, naturally I started to build relationships with candidates and clients and moved into creating new business.

Introduction to Whitehall

It was moving to my second recruitment company that led me to meet Wes, who is now my manager here at Whitehall. I was recruiting for Barclays, which fit in with my roots in finance. The company went through a big change in culture, targets and commissions, leaving myself and others uncertain about whether the business was right for us. I spoke to Wes, who was now working at Whitehall, and considered a move to join him. A tough four hour interview led to me joining Whitehall in 2013 as a Senior Consultant.


In 2016 I became a Team Lead. I am now Senior Team Leader, responsible for supporting the team’s individual and team targets, coaching, and supporting their development. Sometimes I spend so much time helping my team that I forget to make sure I’m on track! It is a challenge, but one I enjoy.

I’m currently working towards management, I have some tough targets to get there but I’m confident that I will make it. I need to be fully self-sufficient and not rely on my manager and achieve my competencies and money targets. I also plan to support and develop my team from good, to great, I take pride in seeing them grow into their roles and as people.

One of the key things about Whitehall is that if you want something, you are able to make it happen. If you aspire to progress, the management team support you and set realistic targets to make it happen.


I was working in the SAP team before starting IT Perm alongside Tara and Wes in 2015. Delving into a new market for the business was a challenge, proving to candidates, clients and colleagues that we were capable of being successful. In the first six months we were handling small numbers of jobs, delivering them with the best possible service to build on success. There were times when we hit rock bottom, Tara and I would need to remind ourselves of why we began this journey. We wanted to build a reputation for IT at Whitehall and we didn’t want to let anyone down.


I’m proud of how far IT has come since we began two years ago. In that time I have successfully developed three resourcers to be great 360 recruiters. I have had two promotions since being at Whitehall, I’m on track for my third and I was the first female Team Lead.

Whitehall gives you the opportunity to drive your own career, if you want to progress the support is there to make it happen. New starters begin their journey with us in Boot Camp – where they spend their first week being introduced to the company and the fundamentals of their roles. They then join their teams where they receive support from their team leader and manager. Training is continued throughout your career, I have weekly meetings with Wes and a monthly review where we discuss any concerns, performance and development opportunities.

For new recruiters

When you’re finding it hard remind yourself of why you chose to get into recruitment. Whether it was to be able to help people or if it was for the financial rewards, resilience is key to being successful in this industry. The first twelve months are hard, with time it becomes easier, but never easy. It will begin to click into place, every successful placement will push you closer to the next and when you make those placements the feeling is amazing.

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