Employee spotlight – Harrison Pickett

Before recruitment

After my first year of studying Business Management in Gloucester, I came to the decision to leave University. I enjoyed the social aspects of student life, but I didn’t like the financial restrictions that came with it. My first career step into sales was with a windows and doors business. My job was to sell PVCU to major companies across the country.

A year into the role a friend of mine offered me an introduction to a new career opportunity. He worked at Whitehall and thought that recruitment would be something I would be successful in – he understood how transferable sales skills were to the role. I‘d heard of the company, knew a few of its employees and had heard there were good financial opportunities at Whitehall. When I arrived for my interview I noticed the calibre of cars outside – this confirmed to me that I could be successful here.

Life at Whitehall

I started as a consultant in the SAP MENA Team (The Middle East and North Africa.) Within my first month, I had landed my first deal. In my second month, I did two more deals and in my third, I did three more. It’s not easy but after that I just tried to stay positive and built on my successes. When you work alongside people that you know are the best at what they do, you can be confident that as long as you work hard and have the right attitude you will be successful too.

In March 2017 I became a Senior Consultant. As a Senior, we are expected to perform to a high standard consistently, and be able to share knowledge and support the people around us. We represent the company on a higher level than a consultant, so we need to be experts in our fields. The biggest challenge of the job for me is sometimes seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. The role has many ups and downs, but the ups outweigh the downs. You thrive on the successes. When you make a placement or attract a new client you want to get that feeling again – that’s what we work for.


I feel that I have the ability to grow with Whitehall. They’re supportive of my development and open to ideas and suggestion. I believe with my knowledge of my market, and if I continue to consistently deliver, that there are no restrictions to how far I can go in the business. I think a lot of people get hung up on the basic salary even though the earning potential is great. You can earn as much as you can in London, here in Colchester without the season ticket.

Personal highlight

In one of my first meetings in Saudi Arabia, I met with a VP who was looking for a C-Level Advisor. I had come prepared and offered a few high-end profiles – one of which was a perfect match! Impressed by my eagerness to deliver, this one meeting opened many doors for me.

My highest billing month is also a highlight to me, it’s something I always strive for.

What should people do when they are finding recruitment hard?

Ask yourself why you started this career, remind yourself of your motivations and keep going at it.

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