Employee Spotlight – Harrison Moore

Introduction to recruitment

I had studied Marketing at University but realised that it wasn’t a career I was interested in. I knew that I liked talking to and meeting new people, problem-solving and I wanted to be in control of my own success. Around Christmas 2011 I noticed that Whitehall was hiring. After applying and being successful in the interview process I began working for the company in January 2012. For the first six months, I didn’t really have a specialisation as such, I would work on whatever roles needed to be done at the time.

Early Whitehall

I was brought into Whitehall to be the beginnings of a new team; we were doing so well in the SAP market that our key clients were now asking us to work roles outside of our core specialism. About six months in I chose to specialise in Oracle. I’d had early success working with an Oracle consulting partner which provided a good insight into the market and as Oracle is a direct competitor to SAP I was able to work off the same high standards and reputation that set us apart from other agencies.

In 2014 I was promoted to Senior Consultant. The progression from Consultant to a Senior Consultant is the result of developing from a new team member who requires guidance and support to an experienced, proven and independent consultant who is capable of creating self-generated deals. With this promotion, Whitehall management were relying on me to produce placements instead of me being reliant on them.

Whitehall 10 Year Anniversary Party

Christmas Party 2017 at Crowne Plaza

Office World Cup Event

What makes recruitment tough?

When things aren’t going right in this job it can be really hard, which then makes it very difficult to stay motivated and get yourself back on track. You can become the victim of problems outside of your control like the candidate changing their mind, taking a different role or even having the client failing to get approval for the hire. This can be a blow, because of the amount of work that goes into placing a candidate; so when it falls through for reasons out of your control you feel pretty helpless.

To successfully place a candidate you will need to: pick up a vacancy, resource the role, send out CVs, chase up the client, arrange interviews, agree terms of business and then place the candidate. You will also have competition from other recruitment agencies trying to place candidates for the same role, so you need to be the fastest to produce the best candidate to be successful.

When things are going well you really notice the benefits of working in a commission based role. You gain from the hard work you put in which is what motivates you to keep going.

Why I enjoy recruitment

The buzz of winning new business and placing candidates is one of my favourite things about my job. The people part is also important – both the people within Whitehall Resources as well as the clients and candidates I deal with externally. It’s fantastic to build new relationships through networking and I like that I have the ability to impact a business and individual by being the person that brings them together.

I also work alongside a brilliant group of people, the UK Oracle Contract Team has made some great achievements and continues to grow which has led me to my most recent position as UK Oracle Contract Team Lead. My new role enables me to have more input in the growth of the team by being a key part of the hiring process as well as being responsible for the superb group of people I work with. Internal interviews are something I enjoy, I value that I’m able to hire and develop new team members that I believe will help us in our objectives. I look forward to continuing to support the development of the team, as well as my own.

We are always on the lookout for new and experienced recruiters to join our teams in Colchester and Frankfurt. If you think you have what it takes to thrive in a challenging but rewarding industry, we’d love to hear from you! Take a look at our live vacancies or download our careers brochure here.