What is Recruitment?

Recruitment is the process of connecting businesses and organisations (the client) with skilled job seekers (candidates).
A Recruitment Consultant is a challenging sales role in a fast-paced, target-driven and highly competitive industry, that offers those who are successful excellent incentives and rewards.

Skills essential to recruitment

  • Excellent organisational and planning skills
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Confident communication skills – on the phone, through e-mail and face to face
  • A passion to be successful
  • Resilience

What does a recruiter do?

As a 360 recruitment consultant, you will be responsible for the entire process of securing new business, to acquiring requirements (vacancies) and sourcing high-quality candidates (job seekers) to fill those roles.

Picking up requirements

To be able to make placements you will need to pick up requirements from a client. You will be in competition with a number of agencies in pursuit of the hiring companies business, which can cause hiring managers to be reluctant to engage with agencies; so strong relationship building skills are essential. You will need to be able to overcome objections and evidence your ability as a specialist recruiter. This is a challenging task throughout your career but more-so when new to the role as a lack of proven ability through previous placements will require you to utilise your sales skills to sell your recruitment services to the client.


When you receive a requirement (vacancy) from your client, you will then need to find the perfect candidate (job seeker) to fill that role. You will use in combination an existing CRM (extensive database of existing candidates accumulated by the recruitment company) and advertisements to source and attract the appropriately skilled candidate. Your role as the intermediary is to sell the requirement to the candidate and the candidate to the client (which is what makes recruitment a sales job.)

The challenge

In recruitment, multiple things need to happen for you to successfully place a candidate.

  • Attract a client by overcoming objections and using your sales skills to obtain requirements
  • Deliver outstanding levels of service at all times
  • Source the perfect candidate for the requirement
  • Candidate needs to agree to the terms of the requirement
  • Candidate needs to be successful in what can be a multi-staged hiring process
  • The client needs to agree to the candidates’ terms

Things that can go wrong

  • Client no longer has a need for the vacancy
  • Delays in the hiring process from the client or candidate can cause the other to not wish to pursue
  • Candidate changes their mind mid-hiring process
  • Outside impacts – the economy, personal commitments, health – all have the ability to change the course of the hiring process.
  • Security checks/work permits.
  • No show’s

The rewards

  • Basic Salary plus commission – For those who are successful in recruitment, the earning potential is extremely high. Recruitment agencies charge companies a % of the vacancies salary and a consultant receives a % of the fee.
  • In a sales role, many agencies have excellent incentives that can range from gifts to trips abroad.
  • Many recruiters express pride in being a key player in the growth of large companies by supplying high-quality candidates.

A change in career can have a huge impact on a candidates income, location, lifestyle and even impact the lives of their families – many recruiters have built amazing relationships with some of their candidates and take pride in being able to have supported them on their journey.

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