What is the difference between contract and permanent recruitment?

You have decided recruitment is the way forward, good choice! The next step is understanding the different types of recruitment.

Both contract and permanent recruitment involve looking for candidates, networking and finding new clients, however, there are a few differences between the two roles depending on a client’s requirements.

Contract recruitment

Contract recruitment usually means the work is for a certain period of time. Here, we’ll explain what’s like at Whitehall.

When large organisations are implementing, upgrading or making changes to their software systems, they often hire specialists for the duration of the project. These ‘contractors’ are experienced professionals that are paid an hourly or daily rate, and are usually hired for weeks or months at a time. Contractors working on very large projects can find their placement extended and in some cases, contractors can be on-site for a year or two.

When you work in contract recruitment, you earn commission based on the day rate of the contractors you have placed with clients. The more contractors you have working on placements you have made, the more your monthly commission is.

What is a day like in contract recruitment?

  • Time is precious. You’ll use our candidate database and your network to find candidates with the ideal skills who can start working at short notice.
  • There will be instances in which some niche skills are required, the client has particular requirements or the job is in a new or difficult location. You’ll use your network to find the right people for the role. There is always someone who knows someone.
  • Once your candidate passes the interview and signs the contract, you will communicate regularly with the client and the contractor to ensure that both parties are satisfied.
  • You will build rapport with current and potential clients, finding out about new opportunities, following hot leads and getting new business.
  • Forward thinking is the key. Keeping the database up to date and speaking regularly with potential candidates will keep you ahead of the game. You will already know who you will send to the next job before you get the request from the client.

Permanent recruitment

When a client requests a candidate for a permanent role, the goal is finding the dream candidate whose ideal role is the position you are trying to fill. Once through the interview process, the successful candidate will sign an indefinite contract based on an annual salary.

One of the rewards of working on the permanent team is the feeling of success when you match the ideal candidate and employer together.  Your commission is based on the placed candidates’ salary and the rates you have agreed with the client.

What is a day like in the permanent team?

  • You’ll build rapport with current and potential clients. Likeability and resilience are very important to get new business.
  • You’ll be on the look-out for candidates who match specific client’s requirements -such as location, skills and budget- and who have availability to start when required. Listening to the candidates and understanding their motivations and needs is crucial to understand their expectations.
  • You’ll manage the client to align their expectations to the budget and provide solutions.
  • Communicating effectively is key to be able to demonstrate to both your candidate and client that they are right for each other.
  • There will be competition. You’ll get the best candidates and pitch them to your clients before other agencies do. On the other hand, candidates might be considering different job offers; having the best opportunity to suit them can be challenging.

The world of recruitment is fast-paced but very fulfilling. There are many benefits to being a 360 recruiter, like getting to speak with lots of people from different backgrounds and to build relationships with some of the IT industry’s most talented candidates and biggest businesses across the globe. It is a very rewarding career that gives you the opportunity to make a positive impact in other people’s lives through finding the job they are looking for or even the one they always dreamed of.

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