Dogs at work: Our four-legged new recruits

At Whitehall, we are welcoming and friendly, and this week we hosted a special day for our cutest ever visitors: our smart, fun and snuggly dogs!

We are animal lovers and enjoy having our playful friends in the office for the occasional day.  It helps to create a more sociable environment and is a great way to end the week.

“It has been scientifically proven that petting a dog has a positive impact on mental wellbeing and reduces stress – which is an especially good thing for a high-pressure environment. Having dogs at work also encourages owners to exercise – even non-owners offered to walk the dogs. As a result, our employees are happier and more productive.” – Ellie, HR Manager

Tootsie at his desk

Ludo likes a cuddle

Ralph at Key Accounts


We have taken this opportunity as well to promote The National Animal Welfare Trust, a charity we will be supporting through a pledge. The scheme could double or even quadruple our donations, we are therefore very excited about getting involved with the cause and support re-homing hundreds of pets. If you would like to donate, you can do so here – we have already raised £100!


Meet our dogs

Mr Noodles, 4 years old, Schnauzer

Mr Noodles favourite hobbies are sleeping and licking. Today he enjoyed going for a walk with the international team.

Chester, 2 years old, Labrador

Chester is very friendly and loves playing with his soft toys, especially the squeaky ones. He loves swimming in the sea.

Tootsie, almost 8 years old, Chihuahua

Tootsie’s formal job is to look after his home from any passing cats. In his free time he  likes a good shoulder massage.

Ludo, 2.5 years old, Labra-doodle

Ludo, also known as Louis or Ludotron likes playing ball and swimming. Ludo is always up for a cuddle.

Bailey, 9 months old, Golden retriever

Bailey is the youngest one of the group, he is a softy who loves walking along the beach.

Pierre, 4 years old, French Bulldog

Pierre really likes cuddles and chilling out. In his spare time he enjoys rolling in mud.

Honey, 4 years old, Staff American Bulldog

Honey gets excited about meeting new people. Her favourite food is peanut butter.

Frank, 9 years old, Chihuahua

Frank loves having a cozy day under a blanket and is obsessed with chicken. He likes loudly voicing his thoughts.

“Dogs at Work Day” has been such a success, we are considering making this a recurring event throughout the year. It benefits the employees and the company, and the dogs love having a day out!