Transferring skills from telesales to recruitment – Read Paul’s story

Before Recruitment

Before getting into recruitment I spent some time working in retail and then telesales, so I was used to phone based roles where you could make money through commission. I heard that there was an opportunity to make really good commission in recruitment so I was keen to move to that sector.

First recruitment role

My first role was working for a Specialist IT and Oracle Recruitment company in London as a Resourcer. As part of a small team, I would find consultants and receive small commissions when the candidates were placed. I really enjoyed the buzz, it was competitive, fast paced and essentially a race to find the perfect candidate for the client first.
After 7 months I moved to a new business role, attracting new clients to the company and operating as a 360 recruiter. I was in the role for around a year and had gained a good reputation in the market between clients and consultants alike.

In 2012 I decided to move to from London to Colchester. I was contacted by Whitehall, who I was aware of as a specialist SAP recruitment company; they were looking to add to their Oracle team.

Life at Whitehall

When I started at Whitehall I was really impressed with the training and their recruitment process, it was far more in-depth and structured than I had previously received. My first task at Whitehall was to grow our presence in the Oracle ERP market. Initially, the role was very tough, I think it was around 2 years before we really started to see progress within the market. In 2015 I had a really successful year and was rewarded as ‘Salesperson of the Year.’ The following year we made the decision to create the MENA Team (The Middle East & North Africa), I was happy to take on the challenge and help the company expand into new territory. It’s great to see the team and business growth, moving from our previous offices into our new building.

Challenges and opportunities

The hardest part of the job is sticking at it, sometimes you can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel. The key is perseverance because you get out what you put in. There were plenty of times where I thought about giving up, but with experience, you learn that when it’s hard that’s when you need to work even harder. The successes and opportunities make it all worthwhile. I have been able to travel across the UK regularly on behalf of the company as well as traveling to Dubai and Saudi Arabia to meet clients.

The future is about continuing the progress we have made in the Middle East, supporting my team and helping them progress as Consultants.

Tips for new recruiters

Remain positive, apply yourself every day, don’t blame others – you’re in control of your own destiny.