Dogs at Work Day –  The return of our four-legged recruiters

Our dogs were back in the office today for Dogs at Work Day. It was lovely to see Bailey, Bruce, Chester, Ralph and Mister Noodles returning for the second year to support and motivate our recruiters during the day. We missed some of our last year’s attendees – Ludotron decided to go on a last minute holiday and Frank and Pier were too busy napping and looking after their homes –  but we welcomed Hanna, Starla and Copper for the first time, who felt just like at home and are a fantastic addition to the team.

As part of the Dogs at Work Day we held a bake sale in the morning as well as beer and prosecco glasses for a £1 in the afternoon to raise money for the National Animal Welfare Trust in Clacton. The trust looks after dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, birds and field animals. If you would like to donate, you can do it through our Justgiving page...

Meet our dogs

Starla – The foodie

Starla loves eating and her favourite game is “hide and seek”- she won’t come and find you until the countdown is finished! Her current favourite toy is her sheep-teddy.

Ralph – Energetic

Ralph likes socialising and will always come to say hello. He loves playing with his brother and sunbathing in the garden. His favourite food is pizza.

Mr Noodles – Just chillin’

Mr Noodles made the cover of last year’s Dogs at Work and our Instagram account, no effort. He likes to chill and walk around getting people’s attention, just like a Hollywood star.

Hannah – She’s a snooter

Hannah likes to sleep and chill watching Star Wars, her favourite film. She also enjoys walks, jumping in puddles and chasing after rabbits.

Cooper – Call me cute

Cooper has a passion for licking and loves playing with his puppy-size toys. He also likes watching the Avengers with Wes. He is so cute he makes people cry.

Bruce – Brave

Bruce is Bailey’s roommate. He is brave – recently recovered from a big operation – and is an excellent running companion. His favourite movie is Monsters Inc.

Bailey – Looking for love

Bailey looks up to Bruce. He chases and gets chased by horses but he’s not a very good running companion because he’ll often run off chasing after potential girlfriends.

Chester  – Lots of hobbies

Still a fan of swimming and playing with soft toys and balls, Chester has new hobbies – he likes to lick people’s ears and enjoys going for a jog.

Why do we do Dogs at Work Day?

Many studies have shown that petting a dog reduces blood pressure, changes your physiological state into a more relaxed mode and makes you feel better, reducing  stress. Dogs are also very social and love getting involved in humans’ daily activities, becoming a powerful source for social interaction. We therefore host this event every year as part of our well-being program. Other successful companies that host Dogs at Work day are Amazon, Google and Ben & Jerry’s.