How do recruitment consultants make money?

Recruiters have a salary base and earn commission every time they place a candidate in an available job role. The commission is a percentage of the profit made to the company and is calculated according to set rules that vary from agency to agency.

Many recruitment agencies have limits on how much commission you can earn or apply commission thresholds, which means the recruiter’s commission is disabled until sales targets are met. However, at Whitehall we believe that the harder you work, the better your rewards should be; we therefore do not apply any thresholds and we have a fair and uncapped commission structure, meaning you earn commission from the very first ‘deal’ you do and there are no limits to it.

How much commission do recruiters make?

Typically, the higher the value of the job placement, the more commission you earn, but it depends on the commission structure of your employer.

Our commission structure is one of the strongest in the industry, transparent and straightforward, and it takes into account whether the placement comes from a self-sourced client or if the role is a requirement from an existing client. The commission also varies depending on whether you work in the contract or permanent team, due to the nature of the role.

One of the benefits of working at Whitehall is we are a specialist SAP, Oracle and IT recruitment agency – the average day rate of the consultants we place is around £500/day or £50,000+ for permanent placements. For you, this means you have the ability to earn high levels of commission and if you are successful here, you will likely be earning far more than your peers in other industries.

Of the recruitment consultants that have been here longer than a year:

64% earned over £35,000


27% earned over £50,000


Incentives and rewards

Additional to our commission structure we have a generous incentive program that gives you the opportunity to increase your base salary when you hit quarterly billing targets. Hitting these is also a path for career progression; as you gain more experience you can become a team lead, managing consultant or business manager. Most of Whitehall senior managers, managers, team leads and even the sales director have worked their way up from their start as a recruitment consultant.

As part of the incentives program, we also have monthly and quarterly rewards that go from bottles of fizz to weekend trips away to a Portugal villa.

If you would like to learn more about our commission structure and incentives program or about any of our current vacancies, please get in touch. We would love to hear from you and hope you’ll be joining us soon!


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