What does a recruitment consultant actually do?

In simple terms, the main role of a recruitment consultant is to be the link between the client and the candidate. A client could be a multi-billion pound corporation or a company of a few dozen people, either way when they come to Whitehall Resources they are looking for someone with specialist skills and experience to join their organisation.

As a recruitment consultant you have many responsibilities. On the client side, you are always searching for new connections and contacting existing clients to find out about newly available roles within their business, and then finding the best candidates to fill those roles. This is done by using our CRM (our internal software system which has built up ten years of connections, communications and relationships), networking or headhunting online.

You will work in a team that is focused on a particular geographical area or technology. Over time, you will build up a great deal of knowledge on the clients you work with, the candidates skillsets, the technologies involved, visas, travel and much more. You become an advisor to your clients, assisting them in their recruitment decisions and the entire process.

What does a recruitment consultant do on a daily basis?

Being a recruiter is a very fast-paced job as in most cases you are competing with other recruitment agencies. The most common daily tasks of a recruiter are:

  • Looking for new clients, researching companies and the people you should be talking to
  • Maintaining your candidate network to build relationships, find new opportunities and follow hot leads
  • Advertising vacancies in social media
  • Looking for the best candidates to match the skills required by the client using our CRM system, contacts network or headhunting online
  • Reviewing applications, shortlisting candidates, preparing CVs for the clients and arranging interviews
  • Negotiating contracts and salary with both clients and candidates
  • Visiting clients

What does a day look like as a recruiter?

The time spent on each task can vary depending of the level of seniority and whether you work in the contract, permanent or the international team, but as a new recruiter your usual day at Whitehall would be very similar to this:

8.00am Start. Plan your day. Read emails, call backs and anything urgent.

9.30am Looking for potential clients and hot leads, speak with placed candidates to see how they are getting on.

11.00am Calls with clients with live roles and update candidates on progress.

12.00pm Lunch, game of ping-pong or quiet time in the chill-out room.

1.00pm Re-attempt to contact anyone you couldn’t reach in the morning and schedule calls.

2.00pm Finding new business online or through your network and sourcing suitable candidates, arrange interviews. Lots of networking!

3:30 pm Team meeting/ Catch-up with Team Leader/Training with L&D 

4.30pm Admin to keep your diary, documents and tasks organised.

5.00pm Home time!