How to build a career in recruitment

One of the big benefits of a career in recruitment, is that your progression and development is transparent and straight forward. What does this mean? Whilst in other industries (or recruitment agencies) you might need to wait for a vacancy, relocation or even change companies to be promoted, this is not the case at Whitehall –  we have a structured progression plan that helps you grow and achieve promotions as you hit your individual targets, rather than depending on a company organisation chart. That’s not to say it’s easy, but there are various metrics that can track and monitor your performance as well as different career paths to match your career goals and aspirations.

How do you build a career in recruitment?

Your journey at Whitehall starts with Boot Camp – a learning period where you will be introduced to the basics of recruitment, our industry and the company. This is carried out by our in-house Learning and Development team – a function of our business that you will be in touch with throughout your career here. During the first six months, you’ll learn about our markets, technologies, our candidates and clients, sales processes, negotiation, leadership and more, mentored by the L&D team and with day-to-day support from your team mates and manager.

Over the following six months you’ll create your own network and use existing relationships we’ve built up over ten years and you’ll start to see the results of building relationships with candidates and clients, After 12 months, it will be all about your input, resilience and determination to perfect your skills and gain new clients – it’s never easy but it’s very rewarding when it all comes together.

We also provide you with a strong support system through our Administration, Finance, IT, Marketing, Legal and HR teams. All we need from you is the drive to succeed!

What are the career paths in recruitment?

If you have no previous experience in the industry, you will start your journey as a Recruitment Consultant and as you develop you’ll become a Senior Recruitment Consultant. From here, the career path splits into two: You can continue growing as a recruitment consultant through to Senior, Principal and finally Managing Consultant, or, you’ll be able to choose to work towards becoming a Team Leader, a role in which you will build, support and mentor your very own team to then progress on to Manager as your team grows and is successful.

Consultants who go down the management route attend higher levels of L&D’s leadership training, where they’ll work with you based on your strengths and opportunities for improvement.

How long will it take before I am promoted?

There isn’t a set time for a promotion, it depends entirely on the individual – you will be required to hit billing targets as well as showing a track record of various competencies.Promotions are transparent and worked towards with the assistance of your team leaders and managers. The benefit of this promotion structure is that if you put the effort in, you can reach senior positions quicker than you would in other industries such as finance, business management, retail or hospitality.

Here are real examples of two of our successful recruiters at Whitehall: