Increased hiring through our new Recruitment Day

After passing 100 employees we decided to up the pace of growth by introducing ‘Recruitment Day’. We invited down a group of candidates for a full day here of challenges, group tasks, interviews with teams and more.

The event was organised by our Talent Acquisition Team as an innovative way of hiring new team members. The Recruitment Day’s goal is to enable candidates to get a feel for what working at Whitehall is like, and the managers and team leaders to spend a bit more time with potential hires. We wanted to give the opportunity to experience what it’s like to work in recruitment and a little insight into the working culture and environment at Whitehall.

I like that we had more time to get to know the candidates in a more relaxed and fun environment. Doing the tasks meant that we could see their confidence, thought processes and some of their personality, which you can’t usually do during a more formal interview and in the time scale that we normally have. – Whitehall Team Leader

We’re very pleased to have received some fantastic feedback from our Recruitment Day attendees too:

“I thought it was a wonderful opportunity. I believe the process was very positive and progressive.”

“Just a really good way to host a recruitment day, we all felt relaxed from the beginning.”

Interested in joining our next Recruitment Day?