Employee spotlight – Jo Sharp

Our winner to "Most Improved Sales Person of the Year 2018" shares some tips about how to become a successful recruiter. Something Jo particular likes about Whitehall? The perks! [more...]

Employee spotlight – Piotr Wrona

Piotr tells his story in recruitment  “I went from working long hours and even having to sleep in the car because there was no point in going home, to travelling around the world working with the biggest and best brands.” [more...]

Employee spotlight – Sam Jeggo

Sam was recently promoted to Senior Consultant and currently holds the title of Rookie of the Year.  His career in recruitment had a smooth start, but it wasn't always easy. Have a look at Sam’s journey! [more...]

Nicola Coleman

Employee Spotlight – Nicola Coleman

Nicola joined the Oracle Middle East & North Africa team just over two years ago. Nicola had never worked in recruitment before and was not sure this career was for her, but she is now proof that hard work and determination pays off. [more...]

Employee Spotlight

Employee Spotlight – Chris Morris

Chris Morris tells his story. I have been working in resourcing and recruitment for 10 years. In my previous roles it was difficult to progress but in Whitehall I found everything I was looking for. [more...]


Employee Spotlight – Ben Brown

Before I started working in recruitment I used to work in retail - it was mostly a sales job. A friend of mine was a recruiter and told me about the perks of the job and about Whitehall. I thought it could be a good opportunity so I applied. [more...]