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Employee spotlight – Adam Edgell

Before Whitehall, I was studying for my Maths degree at Essex University. During term-breaks I would spend a lot of time working at a call centre for a kitchen company, talking to potential customers and arrange fittings for them. [more...]

evie and neil in the dubai mall

Success in Dubai for SAP MENA

One of the perks of being a recruiter and working the international market is being able to travel on behalf of the company to visit our clients and candidates around the world. [more...]

International team fun at work - Careers at Whitehall Resources

High stakes team challenges!

Nearly everyone at Whitehall has a competitive streak, so we thought we'd try out a monthly race - prize for the winner, fancy dress for the rest. [more...]

Whitehall International team air mile legends

We’ve certainly been out and about over the last couple of months and covered quite bit of ground investing in our client relationships. The international team has been focused in Europe and the Middle East and our consultants have visited in the last 6 weeks alone [more...]