Success in Dubai for SAP MENA

One of the perks of being a recruiter and working the international market is being able to travel on behalf of the company to visit our clients and candidates around the world. Neil Mansfield (Senior International Business Manager) and Everita [more...]

Summer party!

At Whitehall, we have a few regular big get-togethers to celebrate the success and growth of the company. One of these is the annual summer party, which we hold at Colchester Rugby Club. This was our 10th summer party, American [more...]

Friday treats!

Since Whitehall Resources started less than 10 years ago, we’ve grown continuously. Every year has been a record-breaking year, and 2017 is no different. We recently made our 10,000th placement, and have now worked with over 800 clients and 1/3 [more...]

Night out to celebrate another milestone!

Things don’t stand still at Whitehall Resources – we’re constantly growing, constantly beating previous records and getting bigger and better each month. To celebrate topping two company records, a night out in Colchester was arranged! We had the whole of [more...]

Dreaming of a Whitehall Christmas

In so many ways, this has been Whitehall’s biggest year – and this was our biggest Christmas party to date! 85 team members with partners, all at the Five Lakes Hotel in Essex. We had a great night celebrating with [more...]