Your development

We offer our employees a place to take leaps forward. As well as a clearly defined career path, you are given ongoing training and all the tools you need to win.

Career progression

We have entry level roles in all our teams. You will join as a Consultant and be trained and mentored through not only our introductory Boot Camp, but also through ongoing sessions. Our in-house recruiter gives expert tuition in recruitment, sales and leadership.

Boot Camp

Our in-house Learning & Development Lead will start working with you on your first day here. Our week-long Boot Camp introduces you to recruitment, our business and the skills you’ll need in the coming months. This is followed by mentoring from your manager as well as further refresher sessions.

Ongoing training

We have developed a set of modules to cover all employees here – your training and support are ongoing. These cover everything from sales techniques to leadership. The company succeeds when our teams are performing at their best – you won’t find another company that invests more in their employees.

Bonnie wins Employee of the year

  • The best thing about Whitehall is the people — I feel really privileged that I get to work as part of such an enjoyable team. Yes, it can be hard work, but the team are always there to support you, lift you up and to help you succeed. Also, there is nowhere in Colchester that you can earn the sort of money we can!

    Matt Woods
    Matt Woods UK Permanent Team
  • I love our team and the rewards we get for working hard - like Lunch Club!

    Julia Claiborne Operations Support Team
  • The support in developing my career path has been great. I started at the company as a Junior Administrator and progressed to HR Manager and now Executive Assistant. I've been given the freedom and support to share my ideas and implement changes throughout the business.

    Katie Bowers Executive Assistant