Success in Dubai for SAP MENA

One of the perks of being a recruiter and working the international market is being able to travel on behalf of the company to visit our clients and candidates around the world. Neil Mansfield (Senior International Business Manager) and Everita Sokolova (MENA SAP Consultant) recently returned from Dubai having successfully picked up multiple requirements.

“It was great to be able to go and meet my clients and put faces to names. As a company, we believe people buy people, so meeting people you deal with every day over the phone and via email is essential, it’s what creates lasting relationships with your clients and candidates. The trip to Dubai also allowed me to visit new clients that I might not be able to reach over the phone, so meeting face to face is very important. Our trip to Dubai was very successful and I look forward to visiting again.”

If you have any requirements for SAP MENA please connect with Everita Sokolova or e-mail

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