From University to recruitment – Adam in the spotlight

Before recruitment

Before Whitehall, I was studying for my Maths degree at Essex University. During term-breaks I would spend a lot of time working at a call centre for a kitchen company, talking to potential customers and arrange fittings for them.

Joining Whitehall

After University I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do, I think what attracted me to recruitment was the problem-solving aspect – something which linked back to my Maths degree. I applied for several positions in Colchester and London. At the time I was offered a position at Whitehall I also received offers from two other companies. Although Whitehall was offering a lower basic salary, I had bought into the people and could see the potential for growth. I joined the company as an entry-level consultant in the newly formed Key Accounts team. Initially, this was just two of us working that area as a project to see how it would work as a function.


I placed my first candidate in a role on my seventh day at Whitehall. A few months later and it was decided that our team would become a permanent addition to the company structure. In the first month of its official existence, I did five deals after regularly hitting my monthly targets, was promoted to Senior Consultant. I thrive on pressure and don’t like to let people down. The desire to not disappoint my team and my clients are what drives me to deliver.

I was 23 when the company outgrew the offices we were in, and I was approached to become Team Leader of Key Accounts. Two and a half years later I was promoted to Manager, and in 2018 to Senior Manager. We are now in our third office building and I have a growing team of nine, including a Team Lead.

UK Accounts Team

UK Accounts Team

Team lunch club

Lunch Club

Consultants Christmas Drinks

Consultants Christmas Drinks


My team were the first in the company to break the 100 “runner” barrier (i.e. candidates on contract placements), it was a big achievement that took a lot of work from the entire team. A personal highlight was in 2012 when I was the highest billing consultant in the business.

The future

At the moment I’m looking to continue the growth of my team by adding to the headcount and in supporting their development to help them to achieve their aspirations. It’s great to see how people progress, not just at work but also in their personal lives, from buying homes to climbing the recruitment ladder. I’m also focused on my own development through team billing targets and competencies.