The Whitehall World Cup Winners are…

This July we saw England get knocked out of the semi-finals by Croatia, and France walk away with the 2018 World Cup trophy. As devastating as this was, at Whitehall we had our own competition to focus on – The Whitehall World Cup!

The Whitehall World Cup

The Whitehall World Cup is a three-sports tournament to find the best WHR teams in Table Football, Putting and Ping Pong. Teams drew straws to select what European nation they would represent and held inter-team competitions to pick their finalists for each category.

UK Accounts Team

Finance and Admin Team

HR and IT Team

International Team

UK Permanent Team

UK Contract Team

Table Football Finals

The first final of the day saw International face off against the HR & IT Team in the neutral territory of the first floor. Consultant, Rogier represented the International team against IT Support Engineer, Dan of the HR & IT Team. The winner would be decided by a best of three rounds, first to 10 points.  Round one was a close fought-battle with Rogier sealing a win of 10 points to 8! Perhaps knocked by the loss of the first round, things started to fall apart for Dan. Rogier cleaned up with a confident win, 10 points to 5! With no need for a third game, Rogier and the International Team were crowned winners!

Putting Finals

International were playing on home turf for the putting finals, a head-to-head between International’s Nicola and Managing Consultant in the UK Contract Team, Ross . The game would be decided by a best of 3 rounds, each player with 10 putts per round. Ross got off to a flying start with a confident win in the first round! The home-crowd picked up for the second game, getting behind Nicola from the first putt – helping her on her way to her first win and tying things up at 1-1. With one game to go, the home crowd turned up the volume. Ross seemed to have lost his confidence and Nicola was able to capitalise sealing the victory, winning by 2 games to 1!


Ping Pong Finals

The ground floor was the arena for Internationals third final of the day,  the Ping Pong finals. We saw an intense game between two players with a long-standing rivalry – representing the Accounts team, Matt, a Senior Consultant and former reigning champion of the Ping Pong Champions Belt! Representing the International Team, Principal Consultant and also, former champion of the Ping Pong Champions belt, Harrison . There were a lot of mind-games leading up to the final, both players making strategic attempts to get inside the head of their opponent in hope to distract them from the game ahead.

The game was first to 11 points, best of three games.

Game one – Matt 11 – 6 Harrison

Game two – Matt 11 – 8 Harrison

Matt came out on top by winning two straight games thus making the third game unnecessary, take a look at the scenes!


The day closed with a short ceremony to present the winners with their Whitehall World Cup trophies! Congratulations to the winning players, teams and everyone who took part whilst still having a productive day in the office!

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