Why I like recruitment – Emily, employee in the spotlight

My background

Before I joined Whitehall I worked in a variety of roles including nursing and retail. More recently I worked in reservations where my job was to book accommodation for different clients.

Why recruitment?

I decided to move into recruitment after a few people suggested it as a career path for me. They gave me an insight into the industry and I realised it could be a great financial opportunity. It also sounded like a rewarding and challenging role, which is exactly what I was looking for.

Why Whitehall?

I had an interview with another recruitment agency before I applied for Whitehall. They offered me the job but they did not seem to have the right culture for me. I wanted to work somewhere exciting, fun and where I could progress.

I really like my team at Whitehall. Everyone is really close and we get along and laugh together. If you are having a bad day they know how to make you feel better and to make you smile. You know everybody in your team has your back and you can talk to everyone about everything, which I think it is quite unique and hard to find.

The incentives are also very good, like the Lunch Clubs and the villa in Portugal. I went through a stage where I was making lots of deals so I was practically on every single Lunch Club. I also have been to the villa which is lovely. The villa has been renovated recently, so my next goal is to win that incentive again!

The office and the atmosphere in general are also really nice. We have games like the ping pong table and the fußball and we enjoy having a laugh together, we like to have fun.

My career at Whitehall

I have been at Whitehall now for two years and was recently promoted.  As a Senior Consultant I now manage my own clients, which keeps me motivated and engaged. We have a conference call every week to discuss how the different job roles and contractors are doing. I am also responsible for hiring new consultants for my own team, which I consider one of my highest achievements. The whole process of interviewing and hiring someone has been very rewarding and I am now looking forward to progress further – I am working towards becoming a Team Leader, then a Senior Leader and then a Manager.

The challenge

As in every job, there are some challenges and in recruitment it is difficult when things don’t go as planned. I went through a period where I was not making any deals despite my best efforts. It was difficult for me because my biggest motivation is the earning potential and I work hard for it:  I don’t quit, I don’t like losing and I don’t let anything defeat me. So I didn’t, which I am glad about, because after that rough patch, I came out stronger and I now have been promoted!

I also find it rewarding because I enjoy talking to people and getting to know them and talk about our families, our favourite foods or our future plans. You build very strong relationships with everyone from clients to contractors to colleagues.

The most important thing in this job is your attitude, your background is really not relevant.  You have to persevere, to be resilient and keen in what you are doing. Having fun is also very important, as it makes your job more enjoyable.