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How to build a career in recruitment

One of the big benefits of a career in recruitment, is that your progression and development is transparent and straight forward, meaning that whilst in other industries you might need to wait for a vacancy, relocate or simply change companies to be promoted, this is not the case at Whitehall. [more...]

How do recruiters make money?

How do recruitment consultants make money?

Recruiters have a salary base and earn commission every time they place a candidate in an available job role. Typically, the higher the value of the job placement, the more commission you earn, but it depends on the commission structure of your employer. [more...]

what does a recruitment consultant do

What does a recruitment consultant actually do?

The main role of a recruitment consultant is to be the link between the client and the candidate. The time spent on each task can vary depending of the level of seniority and whether you work in the contract, permanent or the international team, but as a new recruiter your usual day would look like this... [more...]


Moving from university to recruitment

Working in recruitment is like being at uni, you have a great social life, it is fun and you are in charge of your own results. At Whitehall, you can also enjoy of other perks such as lunch clubs and milestone rewards. Click here to learn more! [more...]

Top five myths of recruitment

Here are five incorrect assumptions about recruitment we hear… We can’t speak for the entire industry, but these aren’t the case at Whitehall! [more...]